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논문 상세정보

강릉방언의 음식명 연구

A Study on Food-names in Gangneung Dialect

국어국문학 no.179 , 2017년, pp.5 - 34   http://dx.doi.org/10.17291/kolali.2017..179.001

The language is used to express culture and shared values of community and its members. It's more apparent when the culture is about the necessities of life: food, clothing, and shelter. Based on this view, this paper collected language samples of food-names in Gangneung dialects, classified these samples into one of the three stages according to degree of change, and analyzed these dialect forms at each stage. The ultimate purpose of this paper is to reveal causes of change in food culture through the above-mentioned analysis. In this paper, the food-names vocabulary was classified into three stages: disappearance, replacement, maintenance. The relative degree of change was the criteria for this classification. A food-names vocabulary in the disappearance stage is mostly a hyponym which is an endocentric compound where the head is a food-name (hypernym) and the modifier is a specific ingredient of the food. In the replacement stage, dialect forms which have a difference on the vocabulary system with the corresponding central dialect tend to change their forms to the central dialect forms. In case of the food-names in the maintenance stage, ingredients of the corresponding real food items tend to be a specialty of the region. What factors determine changes in these food-name dialects? The parts that can be predicted in this paper are linguistic factors, such as the lexical system of each regional dialect or the competitive relationship between vocabulary, etc. In addition, nonlinguistic factors such as the cultural characteristics of the time would also influence the changes in food-names in regional dialects. The specific aspects and principles of these factors would be clarified in Part Ⅱ.

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