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논문 상세정보

병자호란 이전 조선의 對後金(淸) 방어전략의 수립 과정과 그 실상

The Progress and Reality of Joseon's Defense Strategy Making against the Late Jin(Qing) before The Second Manchu Invasion(1636~1637)

조선시대사학보 no.81 , 2017년, pp.49 - 108  

This paper is a study analyzing Joseon's defense strategy against the Late Jin(Qing) during the second Manchu Invasion. From the late 16th century, Joseon was busy to prepare for militaristic countermeasure against Jianzhou Jurchen, and such strategy was more materialized by the threat from Jianzhou Jurchen's establishment of the Late Jin, and later, Qing. After the rising period of Jianzhou Jurchen, Joseon started to gradually incline towards a defence strategy building defense footholds within their boundary, questioning the efficiency of the preexisting fortification line along the riverbank. Joseon's defense strategy, which was organized on the northern frontier during the late reign of King Sunjo, had moved its focal point to the western frontier throughout the reigns of Gwanghaegun and King Injo.Joseon's defense strategy against the Late Jin(Qing) was put to the test when the Qing army invaded the dynasty in December, 1636. Apart from the result that ended in Joseon's defeat, the strategy worked to some extent. The Qing army's advance was proceeded as Joseon expected, and its lodgements did not receive serious damage. The royal guard force in local promptly went to the capital and engaged in battle with the Qing army, keeping Qing from concentrating their force on Namhansanseong Fortress in which King Injo took refuge; this was one of the reasons that Joseon and Qing's war temporarily came to a lull. The Qing army was forced to seek for an alternative by taking down relatively weak defended Ganghwa Island. This turn of the event showed that Joseon's defense strategy inducing an attrition warfare was limited but efficient in its own way.

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