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논문 상세정보

강남3구 강북3구의 매매가와 전세가 동향 및 향후 전망

Analysis of Trends and Future Prospects of Sale Price & Charter Price in Gangnam-3gu & Gangbuk-3gu

부동산학보 no.70 , 2017년, pp.17 - 27  
최정일, 이옥동

1. CONTENTS (1) RESEARCH OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to analyze the difference between the Sale price & Charter price of Gangnam and Gangbuk in Seoul through model analysis during the last 175 months and the trend of future market. (2) RESEARCH METHOD The real estate data of Gangnam 11gu and Gangbuk 14gu used in this paper collected monthly data from Kookmin Bank KB housing statistics. The analysis period was 175 months from December 2002 to June 2017 when Kookmin Bank released statistical data. We calculated the monthly data of Gangbuk and Gangnam using e-views, SPSS WIN, and Excel. (3) RESEARCH FINDINGS In monthly normal distribution of Gangbuk-3gu and Gangnam-3gu, in case of the selling price average Gangnam-3gu 0.36% showed double of Gangbuk-3gu 0.18%. The standard deviation showed that the volatility of Gangnam was larger because of Gangbuk-3gu 0.651 & Gangnam-3gu 1.088. Average and standard deviation of Gangnam-3gu were judged to be 'high increase and high risk' areas higher than those of Gangbuk-3gu. 2. RESULTS Recently, rising rates in Gangbuk and Gangnam have been maintained at a certain rate and the phenomenon of 'the rich become richer, the poverty becomes poorer' in the city has been developing. The apartment market in Seoul is expected to be influenced by external appeal and negative factors, but it is expected that the differentiation phenomenon will be developed in the course of the divergence and convergence of the growth rate between Gangbuk and Gangnam.

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