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논문 상세정보

하천식생 이입현상의 원인 별 유형화 및 연구 방향

Cause-based Categorization of the Riparian Vegetative Recruitment and Corresponding Research Direction

Ecology and Resilient Infrastructure v.3 no.3 , 2016년, pp.207 - 211  
우효섭, 박문형

This study focuses on the categorization of the phenomenon of vegetative recruitment on riparian channels, so called, the phenomenon from “white river” to “green river”, and proposes for the corresponding research direction. According to the literature review and research outputs obtained from the authors’ previous research performed in Korea within a limited scope, the necessary and sufficient conditions for the recruitment and retrogression of riparian vegetation may be the mechanical disturbance (riverbed tractive stress), soil moisture (groundwater level, topography, composition of riverbed material, precipitation etc.), period of submergence, extreme weather, and nutrient inflow. In this study, two categories, one for the reduction in spring flood due to the change in spring precipitation pattern in unregulated rivers and the other for the increase in nutrient inflow into streams, both of which were partially proved, have been added in the categorization of the vegetative recruitment and retrogression on the riparian channels. In order to scientifically investigate further the phenomenon of the riparian vegetative recruitment and retrogression and develop the working riparian vegetative models, it is necessary to conduct a systematic nationwide survey on the “white to green” rivers, establishment of the categorization of the vegetation recruitment and retrogression based on the proof of those hypotheses and detailed categorization, development of the working mathematical models for the dynamic riparian vegetative recruitment and retrogression, and adaptive management for the river changes.

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