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논문 상세정보

서울시 외곽권 교통결절점의 도시공간특성에 관한 연구- 사당역 역세권 변화양상을 중심으로

A Study on the Characteristics of Transportation Node in Outer-bound of Seoul - Concentrated on the aspect of transition in Sadang Station Area -

한국문화공간건축학회논문집 no.59 , 2017년, pp.74 - 82  
이동주, 김승회

As the city of Seoul expands, people commuting to and from Seoul has become more frequent. Consequently, more transportation nodes were created in the outer areas of Seoul and areas that were not previously developed are now rapidly in development. By analyzing Sadang, a representative transfer station, this study intends to examine urban spatial characteristics through time series in the aspects of roads, lots, buildings and related plans. In which satellite photographs and GIS were major tools for this research. The conclusion can be summarized as follows. The most influential factor in the urban structure near Sadang Station is the construction of the public transportation infrastructure. The area being a bus stop to the suburbs where it has various building uses and where various layers coexists. Due to its location, which is at the boundaries of multiple districts and district plans, Sadang has not been able to create an integrated urban landscape. Thus, based on the understandings of Sadang’s urban structural characteristics, this paper is written to be a theoretical platform for future research and urban planning.

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