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논문 상세정보

질문에 기반한 고전(古典) 읽기 수업 사례 연구 –<춘향전(春香傳)>을 중심으로

A Qualitative Case Study of Reading Classics Centered on Students’ Questioning -Focused on the Classes of -

국어교육 no.158 , 2017년, pp.185 - 231  
장지혜, 김신원, 김종철

In this article, we study a case of classical literature instruction based on students’ questions. As a result, we report the aspects in which students’ construction of meaning appears, the means students use to construct meanings, and the appreciation of the students and the teacher on this instruction. The material for the course was Chunhyang-jeon, one of the most famous classical work of Korean literature, and 130 11th graders of three classes from one high school in Seoul participated in it. The course took once a week for six weeks and the students constructed their own questions on the material, discussed and solved those questions in small groups, then wrote critical essays. Focus group interview was done on some students. The findings show that the students constructed meanings from the classical literature work in three different aspects: they create their own themes for learning; they create their own context for appreciating the literature work; they understand themselves better by understanding the literature work. To construct such meanings, they use the means of communication – they communicate with each other, with the teacher, and with the text. Such communications provided the students with scaffold for learning. Studying how the students and the teacher appreciate the elements of the instruction –the classical literature, the peer relationship, the teacher-student relationship, and the course design - shows followings. The students could appreciated the literature work in depth because of the wholeness of the classical work, but they had to overcome the familarity and lack of curiosity. Communication among the peers played a crucial part in learning and constructing meanings, but prejudging on peers happened and hindered collaborative discussion. The teacher is expected to act as a facilitator in the classroom like this, but the students and the teacher may have different expectations on the role of the teacher and it may lead to conflicts which may result in difficulties in learning. And the students need to grow positive beliefs in the course itself and in their abilities as learners.

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