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논문 상세정보

A Study on Competitiveness of Non Brand Bedding

A Study on Competitiveness of Non Brand Bedding

융합경영연구 v.2 no.3 , 2014년, pp.20 - 25  
이종임, 박철주

Comfortable sleeping itself is thought to be very much important to have great influence upon remaining lives. Bed-clothes can be an essential factor of comfortable bedding. Korea that has four seasons requires different blanket each season. The Koreans make change of use of the quilt at least 2 to 3 times a year. The quilt may vary depending upon use of either Ondol or bed. Brand bedding governs quilt market. Brand bedding shops have good cognition of customers to be located at the place easy to find out and to have various kinds of products and excellent designs and to take the lead in all of the areas. Non-brand bedding products are difficult to compete with brand products at the bedding market. This study investigated cases of not only management of non brand bedding but also competition between brand bedding and non brand bedding. First, How does non brand bedding elevate competitiveness to win at competition with brand bedding? Second, How dose non brand quilt's approach to consumers and sales strategies?

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