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논문 상세정보

支流와 還流: 自傳文學의 관점에서 본 조선시대 自挽詩

Tributary and Gyre: Self-elegy Poetry of Joseon Dynasty from the Genealogy of Autobiographical Literature

민족문화연구 no.76 , 2017년, pp.51 - 99   http://dx.doi.org/10.17948/kcs.2017..76.51

This article examined the characteristics of the self-elegy poetry of the Joseon Dynasty from the perspective of autobiographical literature. There is disagreement among researchers regarding the question of whether they can view self elegy poetry as a form of autobiographical literature. However, in light of contemporary scholars' rules of defining literature and the traditions of Asian literature, autobiographical literature and self-elegy poetry can be regarded as a very near literary form. However, self-elegy poetry has its own way of self expression that distinguishes itself from other forms of autobiographical literature. The author, "Me" and another "me", who is set to be dead, are the egos inside the text, but these fictional "me"s can define and produce the "me" in the real world. When this characteristic is fully attained, a hybrid alter ego of self-elegy poetry is formed in a more complex form of hybrid than other forms of autobiographical literature. Self-elegy poetry is a kind of tributary divided from the mainstream of autobiographical literature. At the same time, self-elegy poetry of the Joseon Dynasty also is a tributary of the main stream of self-elegy poetry tradition since Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties(魏晉南北朝). However, the tributary formed their own varied streams due to differing currents and sources from that of the origin. In particular, Nam Hyo-on(南孝溫)’s work “Self-elegy Chapter 4(「自挽 4章」)”and the increasing of these exceptional works represents the changed characteristics of the self-elegy in Joseon Dynasty.

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