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논문 상세정보

과로성재해의 인정기준에 관한 문제점과 개선방향

A Study on the Problems and Improvement of the Clauses of the Work-Related Accident

법학논총 v.34 no.3 , 2017년, pp.217 - 233   http://dx.doi.org/10.18018/HYLR.2017.34.3.217

As society becomes changed and specialized rapidly, excessive workload and job stress generate overwork-related mental illnesses in many workers. However, when the workers are deprived of their company or society’s help, they often end up choosing an extreme decision of committing suicide after all. Meanwhile, the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Act and the judicial precedents allow insurance benefits only when there is considerable causality between their work and suicide. That`s why many workers cannot get proper compensation all the time due to their strict criteria. This article will first define and clarify the concept of work-related damages within the set of the Commercial damages insurance law. It is of prior importance that this ambiguity regarding the concept of work-related damages be first cleared out before any further discussions can be made. Thereafter, a study into the causal mechanisms and relationships of the set of laws regarding this issue will be made. Furthermore, this paper will look into the current cases as well as the executive order with respect to work-related injuries in order to find out its current situation in society. From here on, the purpose, intent, and problems of this set of law existing today will be cleared out. Firstly, an insight into the existing laws regarding labor will be made to understand its purpose and problems. Thereafter it will attempt to analyse the current trend and scope of jurisdiction by studying the judicial precedents which will be organised based on the type of diseases incurred. Specifically, the two representative categories of brain and heart diseases will be scrutinised in order to define the normative trend in this law. It will also discuss whether suicidal behaviour resulting from mental distress fall under the category of work-related injuries. In its conclusion, this paper will address some of the potential solutions based on the analysis made.

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