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논문 상세정보

청동기시대 장제의 지역성 연구- 인골자료를 중심으로

A Study on the Locality of the Funeral Institution in the Bronze Age - Focused on the Human Bones -

문물연구 v.32 no.32 , 2017년, pp.1 - 46  

There were many cases that the existing researches on the funeral institution in bronze age approached fragmentarily and subsidiarily without which most of them properly examined the human remains. To overcome this problem, this study attempted the approach to the funeral institution of bronze age in South Korea by having the research subjects as 126 pieces of human remains that were excavated from the remains of bronze age. Among all elements of the funeral institution, first of all, it classified a burial method & procedure, head direction and a posture available for being confirmed in a human bone of a buried person. As a result, all of 6 types could be divided from a burial method & procedure. And the head direction was divided into 8 bearings. A posture was classified into Shinjeon-jang(伸展葬) and Gul-jang(屈葬). As for each of the sorted elements, a burial method & procedure, head direction and a posture were analyzed depending on the basin that was classified by water system. As a result of the analysis, it could confirm the aspect, which is shown in common in the former, and the differential aspect, which is divided by region. Through these analytical results, it figured out the social aspect of bronze age in relation to locality. First of all, in the locality of the funeral institution, a burial method was prevailed burial and cremation in common. With regard to head direction, an idea of avoiding west of the sun declining was confirmed to have existed. Also, the limitation to the latter part of bronze age led to what Songguk-ri culture sphere and other areas are indicated with the mutually different image in a burial method & procedural type. Even in the inside of each region, a different aspect was identified according to the basin that was classified by water system.

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