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논문 상세정보

成人學習者의 學歷取得經驗을 통한 인간의 성숙 양상에 관한 연구

A Study on Human Maturation Based on Academic Qualification Attainment of Adult Learners

한국사상과 문화 no.89 , 2017년, pp.411 - 437  

This study is qualitative research that analyzed the process in which adult learners obtain an academic certificate through school qualification exam in the field of lifelong education. The results of this study were as follows: First, practical lifelong education programs need to be developed. The school qualification exam allows learners to obtain academic qualification in a short time and through various methods. From the perspective of lifelong education, it is necessary to develop programs that are suitable for and relevant to the needs of adult learners through early consultation related to their life course. Second, financial support for learning expenses within the field of school qualification exam is urgently needed. Considering that the current compulsory education covers elementary and middle schools, learners who use private academy to attain equivalent academic qualifications have the rights to the relevant economic support. Learners who used lifelong education center or institutions can continue lifelong education with little to no fees, but learners who have different learning types and, therefore, use private academies bear the financial burden on their own. It is necessary to review ways to provide financial support for adult learners based on the Lifelong Education Act and local government policy so as to improve the public awareness related to lifelong education institutions. Third, it is necessary to review and provide active support for ideological and pragmatic teaching methods of private academies for school qualification exam. As adult learners have diverse life experiences, it is necessary to develop a pragmatic approach to adult education. Also, it is important to support ideology and education methods of the founders of different private academies as well as supplement and adjust the Lifelong Education Act in a way that can satisfy the school qualification exam, educational institutions, and adult learners.

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