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논문 상세정보

정약용의 도덕교육관과 현재적 실천의미

The Jung Yak Yong’s viewpoint on moral education and the present application meaning

민족사상 v.11 no.2 , 2017년, pp.169 - 204  

Jung Yak Yong had sought the theoretical ground of a moral education not on that far metaphysics but on his preference. closely. Firstly, I investigated what is the Jung Yak Yong’s viewpoint on moral education on a comparative analysis to neo-confucianism about li and qi, good and bad. Jung Yak Yong had focused on moral education based on qi(氣) rather than li(理). Zhu Xi had directed to the objective centered moral education by following a phenomenon of qi(氣) to the form of li(理). On the contrary, he had gone to the moral education based on a phenomenon of qi(氣) by redefining li(理) as a phenomenon. Li(理) and qi(氣) are a foundation on discussing an universal substance, while good and bad are a framework for electing mind form based on a phenomenon theory. Secondly, Jung Yak Yong had considered importantly a subjective experience like a tendency, and an emotional moral feeling rather than an objective ideal moral. He had emphasized on a moral praxis on a subjective judgement rather than an objective moral principal. He established these points on a personal tendency and an autonomous right. Lastly, I investigated the realistic meaning revealed in the Jung Yak Yong’s viewpoint on moral education. He had pursued the real living moral education by overcoming the limits of a neo-confucian moral education. In detail, he had proposed the subjective moral education on blood and qi(氣) by criticizing li(理) and qi(氣). He had pursued the moral education full of the real living life rather than the transcendental objective moral.

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