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논문 상세정보

전국 한문학과의 교육목표와 전공과목 편성에 대한 一提言

A Suggestion for the Objective of Department of Korean Literature in Classical Chinese and Organizing the Curriculum

漢文學報 v.34 , 2016년, pp.125 - 145  

Currently in Korea, a number of Dept. of Korean Literature in Classical Chinese are in trouble relating the crisis of humanities. To overcome this situation, each university, having this major, tries to reorganize its curriculum and goals. However, the more basic and fundamental question-what is Korean Literature in Classical Chinese?-has been neglected, as each college tries to solve the problem (or crisis) individually. So, this paper examined each department’s future direction by comparing objectives and curriculums. Through this, I figured out huge differences among them that are already going on so far because focuses of each course are not the same. Some develop courses focusing traditional literature; some do translation; or bibliography. Now the problem is that each department’s ‘direction’ is so different and there needs a deep discussion about ‘the basic nature and contents of this major’. To offer a solution to this, the paper suggested four major categories -‘bibliography’, ‘translation’, ‘classics’, and ‘East Asian studies’- as fundamental subjects to set a goal and contents of this field. Also, this shows the intention to overcome the tendency to ‘focusing too much on literature’ and ‘self-centered nationalism’ and meet the social needs of this field. Such a problem posing may be rough and not be in detail, but it could be a starting point for later discussion.

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