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논문 상세정보

李商隱 詩의 神話的 이미지 考察

A Study on the Mythological imagism of Li Shang-yin's Poetry in Tang Dynasty

중국문학연구 no.69 , 2017년, pp.1 - 30  

This study is an analysis on the Mythological imagism of Li Shang-yin's Poetry in the late Tang dynasty. The mythic poetry of Li Shang-yin occupies a part of the about 600 poems of his one. In this paper, 16 poems that have ancient mythical legends or mythological images were used. I have analyzed the components, developments, symbols, meanings, and characteristics of 16 poems in this paper. As a result, the poetry of Li Shang-yin related to mythical legends has the following characteristics. First, the mythic poetry of Li Shang-yin has formulaic rhythm & form of the metrical verse that composed of four line(絶句, juéjǜ) and eight line(律詩, lǜshī). Generally, it is confirmed in the ‘classical Chinese verse(近體詩, jìntǐshī)’ which is one of Chinese traditional poetry genres. Second, the mythic poetry showed individual characteristics in addition to the typical characteristics of Rhythm & Form. In the jjiéjù(絶句), Li Shang-yin focused on the narrative structure, but in lǜshī(律詩), the focus was on liberal thinking and complex compositions. It also had been made his own area of poetry by extensive poetical developments and use of various images. As a result, it has enriched the development of the awards and created a unique poetry world by variously employing images Third, the adoption of mythical legends in Li Shang-yin's poems sometimes brought the basic types of mythical poetry or used them as materials. However, the poetics of transforming it to creative new images of myth was prominent by transforming the original legends to the creation. Especially, to be simultaneously ‘reality of myth’ or ‘myth of reality’ was possible as corresponsive arrangements of the mythological materials and the realistic materials. It breaks the boundaries between reality and unrealism. It also maximized the mythical image, exchanged themes, subjects and objects, and made the separation of time meaninglessly by using tenses mixed with the past and present. In this work, Li Shang-yin used the procedure of philosophical reflection to realize the harmony of man, nature, others and self on the mythic poems.

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