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논문 상세정보

미국 내 태권도장 교육프로그램의 특성과 성공사례 분석

A Case Analysis of Successful US Taekwondo Academy Program

한국스포츠학회 v.15 no.4 , 2017년, pp.703 - 710  
차상혁;, 이재봉,

The purpose of this study is to examine whether the training program (or parents) in the United States was the deciding factor for the trainees to learn taekwondo during the process of selecting Taekwondo field. We analyzed successful cases in various perspectives such as educational objectives, facilities, program excellence, personality and qualities of leaders, educational institutions, and public relations. As a result of this effort, we could draw conclusions such as the result of using qualitative research method which is one of the research methods of humanities and social sciences. First, Taekwondo needs independence from Marshall Arts. Second, when choosing Taekwondo chapter in the United States, consideration is quality of education, atmosphere of painting, first impression of leader and consulting ability. Third, the qualities and ability of the leader, and the initiative are the success factors of the Taekwondo chapter of Taekwondo chapter in the United States. Fourth, in order to develop Taekwondo in the United States, it is necessary to continue to develop rather than settle in reality. For domestic Taekwondo leaders, the United States is still known as a land of opportunity. Leaders who have won the title of illegal stay in the early days and who have been screaming at it are spreading Taekwondo from abroad, and are also making success in business. But just as on both sides of a coin, there will be a pain of failure on the back of success.

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