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논문 상세정보

‘사악한 퍼소나’ 제안을 위한 역기능적 소비자 성격 정보 연구

A Study of Dysfunctional Customer’s Personality Information for Proposing ‘Evil Persona’

디자인융복합연구(구.인포디자인이슈) v.16 no.6 , 2017년, pp.43 - 58  
최영채, 연명흠

Recently, service failure from dysfunctional customer behavior has been observed in various service industries. Customers so-called ‘Jaycustomer’ can make bad influence to other customer’s service experience which can be the obstacle of ideal service delivery. Therefore, approaching dysfunctional customer in service design perspective have became necessary, and modelling such customers through persona could be useful. For this purpose, we suggested the concept ‘Evil Persona’, and to find statements of personality trait which can make designers predict dysfunctional customer behavior, literature review and Q method analysis were performed. In result, dysfunctional customer behaviors were differed from service characteristics and were able to predict by combinations of statements. Based on this, more detailed customer information could be offered by presenting differentiated dysfunctional behavior information according to service characteristics. Since service design expanded its area, ‘Evil Persona’ can be valuable as criteria of verifying and compensating idea‘s vulnerability and limitation.

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