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논문 상세정보

김승옥의 「건(乾)」에 나타난 주체화 과정과 소급적서사구성

Subjectivization Process and Retroactive Narrative Composition in Kim Seung-ok’s "Gun"

한국현대문학연구 no.53 , 2017년, pp.289 - 311   http://dx.doi.org/10.22871/mklite.2017..53.009

This study examines the process of subjectivization of Kim Seung-ok's “Gun,” and discusses the retroactive composition of the growth narrative. Unlike the German Bildungsroman, the Korean growth novels are pessimistic about the world of adults. Nonetheless, characters in novels want to be incorporated into the adult world. As they enter a depraved and snobbish adult world, they lose their purity of childhood. Kim Seung-ok's “Gun” has also been regarded as a novel in which young narrator loses his purity and becomes part of the adult world. However, this study suggests that this linear time of growth novel shall be viewed from a different viewpoint. What if a pure child does not become a depraved adult, but after becoming a depraved adult, he finds his childhood. The pure childhood, described in “Gun” is retroactively organized by adults. Three characters, “Me, Brother, Father,” represent “childhood, adolescence, adulthood.” In other words, novels deal with three stages of growth, not the stories of three different characters. In this way, ‘brother’ is a person who shows the process of involvement. Therefore, in Chapter 2 of this paper, the process of involvement is clarified through analysis of the friends of the brother and the brother. Chapter 3 of this paper deals with the retroactive composition of growth novels. I get clues from existing research, redefine the meaning of childhood in the novel. Through this, I want to show that the beauty of childhood represented by ‘I’ is composed by ‘father.’

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