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논문 상세정보

결혼과 출산 전이시기가 생애후기 은퇴관련 계획에 미치는 영향: 베이비붐 세대 남녀를 대상으로

Baby Boomer’s Financial Preparedness and Preferred Timing for Retirement: Do Timing of Marriage and Parenthood Matter?

한국인구학 v.40 no.4 , 2017년, pp.25 - 53  
민주홍, 김주현, 한경혜

Baby boomers (1955-1963) in South Korea are heading towards retirement which serves to accelerate social concern about population aging. It is important to examine what factors influence retirement among baby boomers. Most of the studies were focused on psycho-social factors, but little is known about the impact of timing of family transitions on retirement. This study aims to examine the impact of timing of first marriage and parenthood on financial preparedness and preferred timing for retirement among men and women baby boomers. We used nationally representative data on 1,710 men and 1,023 women from the first wave (2010) of the Korean Baby Boomers’ Panel Study. Multivariate regression models were conducted for financial preparedness and preferred timing for retirement. More than half of baby boomers reported they are not financially prepared for retirement. Timing of parenthood was significant for men’s retirement financial preparedness, but for women, having a spouse who was employed was important. Results support the concept of linked lives and understanding how the timing of family experience over one’s life course determines later life outcomes related to retirement. Retirement planners need to consider both the profile of their clients’ life course transitions and their family context during consultations and also provide customized recommendations for men and women.

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