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논문 상세정보

조선후기 여창가곡의 형성배경과 여성가자 활동의 계보론

A study of the background of formation of yeochang gagok, and discourse of genealogy of female gaja(singers) in late Joseon Dynasty

한국음악연구 v.62 , 2017년, pp.303 - 328   http://dx.doi.org/10.35983/sikm.2017.62.303

Gagok is a music category transmitted in the forms of Yeochang and Namchang, both of which are considered as specific areas. This kind of categorization is never seen in other traditional music. Settled type of music and structural independence of performance are needed to form a category. Activities and capabilities of individuals and groups would be very important factors in cultural background which establishes independence of music categories. This article is to investigate the relations between yeochang gagok and female gaja observing historic viewpoint and background of yeochang gagok are not female musician oriented. I also considered in culture historical viewpoint unlike precedent studies of gagok. As a result, it was found that in goongjoong yeoak and folk, female gaja performed joongdae-yeop and sakdae-yeop in dual mode differentiated by cultural space. More specifically, female gaja sang gagok without any separation from male singers before yeochang gagok separated and customary performance was settled with specific saseol after 18th century. It is highly probable that concept of yeochang gagok and social recognition before late 19th century seeing that female gaja made customary performance of specific lyrics and daeyeopjo. saseol and In conclusion, we could see that female gaja had kept the continuity of music performance as the subject of yeochang gagok performance by confirming roles of female gaja who participated in performance of gagok in Joseon Dynasty period.

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