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논문 상세정보

성범죄자 신상정보 등록제도 실태 및 발전방안에 관한 연구: 인력 활용 방안을 중심으로

A Study on the Status and Development ofSex Offender Registration Policy in South Korea: Focused on Human Resources Management of Probation Offices

한국치안행정논집 v.14 no.4 , 2018년, pp.111 - 134   http://dx.doi.org/10.25023/kapsa.14.4.2018.02.111

The present study aims at investigating innovative ways of improving current sex offender registration policy in terms of probation and parole office personnel management in South Korea. Since the revision of law for the sexual violence punishment in 2017, the number of sex offender registration has dramatically increased. It is challenging to increase the sufficient numbers of personnel of probation officers due to the binary system of sex offender registration procedure and notification strategy between Korean Ministry of Justice and Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. By examining official documents and secondary data of Ministry of Justice, the current study found out that total numbers of probation officers who are responsible for coding and managing the data of sex offender registration are only 28 personnel. Considering the total cases of 80,085 sex offender registration, the workload of one probation officer is approximately 3,000 cases per year. It is necessary that government employs new human resources and additional personnel recruiting to manage the increased numbers of sex offenders in the database system of registration and workloads of probation officers toward sex offenders. Furthermore, it is imperative to conduct more effective control strategies for sex offenders who violate the conditions of registration procedures. It is also crucial to notice that Ministry of Justice should initiate the comprehensive and integrated database registration system to speed up the existing data coding activities and to clarify the information of sex offenders by enhancing the partnership with law enforcement and Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. Further policy implication will be discussed.

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