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논문 상세정보

동북아시아의 대기오염 문제해결을 위한 법정책적 방안- EU법과 회원국 국내법 관계를 통한 동북아시아의 환경협력체계 마련을 중심으로

The Legal and Political Plans for a Solution of Air Pollution in Northeast Asia : Focusing on Arranging an Environmental Cooperation System in Northeast Asia through a Relationship between EU Law and National Laws of Member States

동아법학 no.78 , 2018년, pp.119 - 151   http://dx.doi.org/10.31839/DALR.2018.02.78.119

According to the use of fossil fuel and to a rise in an internal- combustion engine caused by industrialization, the concentration of fine dust in the atmosphere gets higher when spring and winter with low atmospheric pressure have come. By the way, the fine dust is very small, thereby getting inside the body, resulting in leading to inflammation and becoming a cause for several diseases. As a result, WHO classified fine dust as the group 1 carcinogenic substance. Northeast Asian regions, which are in the westerlies, are recently increased the concentration of fine dust due to the acceleration of economic growth in China. It moves to adjacent countries through the movements in atmospheric pressure, weather and convection current and is mixed with the fine dust, which occurs in each country, thereby bringing about a serious social issue such as further threatening people's life and healthy living. In this way, the problem of air pollution caused by fine dust is not the one that can be solved by simply enforcing legal system and policy in one country because of the specially environmental requirement. In other words, even the issue of air pollution in Northeast Asia is impossible without an international effort for positively reducing air pollution along with the attention in 3 countries of South Korea, China and Japan. Yet, the three countries in South Korea, China and Japan have failed to present effective measures so far even though being said to have made international cooperation for solving air pollution problem. Accordingly, to solve the air pollution problem of Northeast Asia, the aim was to elicit implications through a comparison method in a case of EU as the regional community, which had solved a social issue through utilizing the consolidated legislation with seeking the public good, and to suggest a plan for arranging an environmental cooperation system in Northeast Asia based on this.

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