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논문 상세정보

이효석 소설과 남성성의 균열 ― 『화분』을 중심으로

Rupture of Masculinity in Lee Hyo-seok’s Novels ― Focusing on Hwa-bun

비평문학 no.67 , 2018년, pp.37 - 61   http://dx.doi.org/10.31313/LC.2018.03.67.37

Hwa-bun is a potently sexual text showing the sexual awareness of the writer intensively. In the existing treatment of the work, this novel was criticised in that it emphasized only 'instinct' or ‘nature’ so overlooked the sociality or exposed a perspective of anti-feminism by regarding a female body as an object for voyeurism. However, Hwa-bun shows effectively a realistic or gendered dilemma with which masculinity faced in the end of the Japanese colonial period.The reason why is that it reveals how the hegemonic masculinity caused a rupture through the unconventional and decadent sexual descriptions. While displaying shocking sex of the homo sexual, it also shows a characteristic of the homo social based on the heterosexual. Hence, masculinity is rather enhanced. However, masculinity intensified comes to be challenged by another male, suffering a crisis. The pursuit of ‘beautiful sex’ is challenged by the patriarchy and capitalism. Masculinity at a crisis has ruptures all the more caused by a female dealing with virginity. The reason why is that a male who dispossessed virginity needs recognition by a female whose virginity was dispossessed. Through such a transition ‘intensification-crisis-deficiency’ shown from the novel, Hwa-bun demonstrates masculinity itself exists on such a feeble basis.

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