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논문 상세정보

선박금융시장에서 중국금융리싱의 부상과 시사점 연구

A Study on the Emergence of Chinese Financial Leasing in Shipping Finance and Its Implications

무역보험연구 v.19 no.1 , 2018년, pp.1 - 23  

Chinese Financial Leasing (CFL) is gaining its market share in global shipping finance market by gap-filling the short of liquidity in shipping industry. The shipping assets of the biggest five CFL companies reach up to U$25.3 billion in 2016 which is equivalent to 2% of total value of the world fleet. CFL has competitive advantages against shipping loans of international commercial banks in terms of leverage ratio, tenor, and financing costs in favor of shipping companies. Along with the Chinese commercial banks back funding the lease contracts, CFL is taking leadership position in the global shipping finance market where the European shipping banks are reducing their presence due to the loan loss provisions in shipping industry. CFL is thus becoming a springboard for China to exercise its seapower by acquiring ownership of the vessels of international shipping companies and actively involving in rule setting of international maritime regulations. CFL is also to contribute to enhancing the global competitiveness of its shipbuilding industry.

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