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논문 상세정보

‘경미(京味)’ 서사 영화의 ‘아(雅)’와 ‘속(俗

The Refined and Popular Tastes of Beijing atmosperhe cinema

중국학 no.62 , 2018년, pp.15 - 31   http://dx.doi.org/10.14378/KACS.2018.62.62.2

The the refined and popular tastes deeply linked to political and social backgrounds are China's most representative cultural properties from the advanced times to the present. During feudal times, Beijing culture represented the refined taste culture. In the 1980s, it became popular to assume that Beijing culture was established with a mixture of the refined taste and popular taste. through the advent of the Beijing atmosphere. In fact, the concept of Beijing atmosphere emerged in Beijing in the 1980s as part of the search for cultural roots. At the time it described the lives of ordinary people in the Lao Beijing space based on the literature of Lao She, and at its base, literature with a deep feeling of mourning for tradition was called Beijing atmosphere. As a result, Beijing atmosphere made a mistake by referring only to the culture of the Beijing space, which is a combination of tradition and modern. But since 1990, Beijing atmosphere has extended into the cultural arena not only in literature but also in media development, and it became clear that it was Beijing's urban cultural atmosphere and the way that Beijing people experienced and felt about Beijing culture. So It is an an humanistic concept that uncovers the relationship between Urban and Human. Through this, we can read from Lao Beijing to the current Beijing. Beijing atmosphere also took advantage of the development of video media to expand into video text, it has become a major component of cultural composition that shapes a different culture from the existing one. As a result, the video media reflecting the Beijing atmosphere narrative has become an important reference not only for understanding but also for predicting Beijing culture. Thus, this paper will attempt to consider the narrative and the manner in which it was revealed the refined and popular tastes focusing on the Beijing atmosphere movie.

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