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논문 상세정보

어린이와 재액의 관계에 관한 일고찰-민속과 문화콘텐츠의 관점에서

A Study on the Relation between Children and Calamities: From the Viewpoint of Folklore and Cultural Contents

일본문화연구 no.66 , 2018년, pp.273 - 286   http://dx.doi.org/10.18075/jcs..66.201804.273
조규헌, 박희영

When paying attention to the relation between children and calamities, Japanese folklore rites have some aspects that cannot be explained with modern perceptions like highly celebrating children’s health growth. Hinanagashi is one of Japanese folklore rites, and for this rite, dolls called ‘Hina’ are drifted down the river. On Dangonosetku Day (Boys’ Day), dolls made with mugwort are hung in front of the door. Such rites are some of the typical cases that Japanese people try to remove calamities. Besides, there are some cases that children themselves play a role in suppressing calamities as main agents of folklore rites. That is, in the base layer of splendid and magnificent folklore rites for children, people have desires for their children growing healthy by removing possible future calamities.In the Japanese folklore, there are some goblins in the form of children, called ‘Zashikiwarashi’, living in the tatami (straw mat) room as spiritual beings. In general, they are believed to bring about economic wealth when being well-served. However, this belief is on the premise that they may bring about calamities to the family when they are not well served. When examining various contents based on ‘Zashikiwarashi’, this study found out that the multi-layered recognition and structure of such goblins are used as the foundation of creating various images and stories.

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