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논문 상세정보

테마파크 활성화를 위한 전략적 계획 연구 - C테마파크를 중심으로

A Study on the Strategic Planning for the Activation of Theme Parks

예술인문사회 융합 멀티미디어 논문지 v.8 no.4 , 2018년, pp.93 - 103   http://dx.doi.org/10.21742/AJMAHS.2018.04.33
박훈, 김혜미

Theme parks have evolved for various purposes, and as the culture of leisure and relaxation expands, the number of those looking for them is also continuously rising. In particular, theme parks need to be differentiated depending on the type of location, distance from the city center, and characteristics of surrounding environment, and each main space is differentially planned according to the required program. The C theme park examined in this study has limitations in terms of using the given space, while its contents have a big possibility. So this study suggests the following conclusions to overcome the limitations. First, reconstruction through the reorganization of the whole spatial structure is necessary in order to have significance of the theme park. Second, it needs to be used through active linking of internal and external facilities. Third, a plan is needed to increase the usability by linking each facility. Fourth, an essential approach of the theme park is needed through the spatialization of each unit facility. Through the approach above, it is possible to improve the unique spatial system of theme parks and to create environment for usability and various experiences. Especially, it is important to approach through landscape planning such as planting conditions.

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