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논문 상세정보

1920년대 초반 협동조합운동론의 형성과 특징 -동아일보에서의 논의를 중심으로

A Study on Formation and Characteristics of Cooperative Movement Theory in Korea in the Early 1920s-Focusing on the Discussion in the Dong-A Ilbo

역사문제연구 v.22 no.1 , 2018년, pp.361 - 404   http://dx.doi.org/10.36432/CSMKH.39.201804.9

It is a study to explain the background, content, and characteristics of independent cooperative movement theory in Korea in the early 1920s.In Korea, cooperative movement theory started with the theory of consumer union movement, Major discussions were developed through the Dong-A Ilbo. In the first half of the 1920s, The claims made by mainstream members of Social Revolutionary Party and the internal branches of the Goryo Communist Party of Korea(Shangha Group) have had a considerable impact in the Donga Ilbo 's arguments and activities.In the early 1920s, the Dong-A Ilbo mentioned that the theory of consumer union movement, Based on the fact that Joseon's economic decline and the workforce has not improved ane based on the theory of Overall people of no property and the theory of Productivity development. The Consumers' Cooperative was considered basically an organization for improving the lives of consumers through elimination of commercial capital (middle term) and a tool for the reorganisation of commercial districts. Furthermore, while the Consumers' Cooperative was responsible for the transportation and sale of goods and also responsible for manufacturing and finance, It is expected to be an important lever in the industrial development process and an important tool for the economic development of Joseon's economic. This theory of consumer unionism was the argument that later led to the Promotion of ‘Movement to buy Korean’And a group of socialist people who are represented to the internal branches of the Goryo Communist Party of Korea(Shangha Group) and Nationalists worked together to form the independent cooperative movement theory in Korea.

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