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논문 상세정보

근대 이문화 교류 공간으로서의 항구도시 부산

The Port City Busan as a Modern Intercultural Exchange Space

인문사회과학연구 v.19 no.2 , 2018년, pp.69 - 88  

Analyzing historical facts is one of the methods to find the way to create a more ideal human society in the future. The history of the port city Busan, which has characteristics as a gateway where different cultures and human exchanges begin, has a important meaning. It is natural that there are various views on the history of Busan as an open port. So it is necessary to examine its history from various perspectives. As the history of Busan in the times of opening port can be considered as the former history of Japanese colony, the argument that at that time Koreans pioneer themselves a new culture and way of life can be fully reasonable. A challenge to achieve the satisfaction of man’s own desires, the improvement of life, and a new dream occurs everywhere, and especially a port where new cultures come into contact becomes a place of a dynamic history made. In this paper, to find the future direction of development, we examine the history of Busan where different cultures exist in terms of not the colonial point of view or a subjective point of view, but the ecological phenomena and laws of nature or social evolution point of view. The paper analyzes the modern history of Busan on the basis of the following three rationales. 1. After opening, ‘Japanese official residence’ provided a key impact on social change in Busan, which can be considered such a place as modern history of international trade and cultural exchange and colonial ideology were begun. 2. ‘Choryang’, which had been a traditional Korean settlement and where ‘the interpretative office’ engaged in diplomatic and trade relations with Japan existed, was the settlement inhabited by Korean and Japanese together. 3. ‘Busan supervision office’ was the organization in charge of such businesses as negotiations with each country, all the work within the open port, and maritime affairs.

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