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논문 상세정보


Discussion on Trade Management Law of Chinese Cultural Products

중국법연구 v.34 , 2018년, pp.271 - 291   http://dx.doi.org/10.22415/clr.2018.34..012
孟 妍, 耿 世 慧

The word “international cultural products trade, people may be unfamiliar, but when it comes to cultural products such as cartoon spread, a brother, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Doraemon, Hua Xianzi and other cartoon characters, and swept the world of the” Titanic, Lord of the rings and Harry Potter, the popular drama Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, Da Changjin, full house and other Korean popular in our life is full of cultural products, basic necessities of life, clothes Adidas sportswear, Apple's mobile phone, eat McDonald's, KFC, Pepsi, who used the Chanel perfume in the mouth, said Kazakhstan, Hari, hamei catchword, moment these cultural products at all around us is affecting our life, this is the culture Bring the product trade results, is the international cultural exchanges and trade products bring us rich and colorful life, that we don't need to go out of the country will be able to feel the exotic places to enjoy exotic delicacy, but also makes our Chinese culture to go abroad, to make the world more and more people understand the feelings of Chinese the cultural charm of Chinese.At present, the international trade of cultural products on the one hand enrich our life, on the other hand, has also become an important part of the global economy, with the new field of economic globalization and cultural products trade has become the competition of international trade, because of cultural goods and cultural service trade has the characteristics of value added, bring the influence over the value of the product itself, then the global cultural trade will bring huge economic profit and cultural influence, international cultural products trade has become the soft power of representatives of various countries is the competition and exchange of the most important channels.

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