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논문 상세정보

고위험 성범죄자의 MMPI-2 반응에 대한 판별분석: 연쇄 대 비연쇄

Discriminant Function Analysis of MMPI-2 Responses of High-Risk Sex Offenders: The Serial vs. Non-Serial

Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology v.37 no.2 , 2018년, pp.187 - 197  
김학석, 이인혜, 신기숙

This research was conducted on 128 high-risk male sex offenders who participated in the psychotherapy program of a Korean prison. We compared differences in MMPI-2 responses by separating them into serial sex offenders (n= 63) and nonserial sex offenders (n= 65). We used discriminant function analysis to identify the MMPI-2 scales that distinguished the two groups. We reviewed all MMPI-2 scales and subscales and found that the RC scales, PSY-5 scales, clinical subscales, and content component scales constituted a significant discriminant function model. Classification accuracy was 67.9%, 64.8%, 78.1%, and 78.9%, respectively. The significant subscales that distinguished the two groups were low positive emotions (RC2), demoralization (RCd), ideas of persecution (RC6), psychoticism (PSYC), introversion/low positive emotionality (INTR), mental dullness (D4), brooding (D5), self-doubt (LSE1), low motivation (TRT1), lack of drive (DEP1), and suicidal ideation (DEP4) scales. The mean score of serial sex offenders was higher than that of non-serial sex offenders. In conclusion, serial sex offenders tend to be more negative thinking and depressed than non-serial sex offenders. Finally, the implications and limitations of this research are discussed.

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