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논문 상세정보

제1차 세계 대전을 통해서 본 타고르의 작품 세계: 『내셔널리즘』을 중심으로

Tagore’s Literary World Seen Through World War I: Focusing on Nationalism

영미어문학 no.129 , 2018년, pp.21 - 37  

This paper examines how Orientalist views of Rabindranath Tagore have changed in the West due largely to World War I. Focusing on his Nationalism, this research shows that the normative perception of Tagore in the West took a sharp turn because of his political opposition to colonialism and imperialism. The West’s adoption of Tagore as part of its canon proved to be a failure as he showed his true colors by taking a critical stance against nationalism, a key feature of Western imperialism, especially during the first world war. Ultimately, this paper demonstrates that Tagore had hoped to achieve a confluence of the East and West by embracing Western ideas in a selective manner, expecting a conflict of their narrow-minded interests to be eclipsed by the higher standards of humanity.

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