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논문 상세정보

웅진시대 백제의 郡令

Gullyeong in Baekje Kingdom During Ungjin Era

역사와 담론 no.87 , 2018년, pp.37 - 76  

Gun is a unit of local administration that symbolizes the direct rule of provincial areas by the central government. As such, its advent in the history of local rule in Baekje has a significant importance. Gullyeong, the commander of a gun, was dispatched from the central government of Baekje Kingdom under the reign of King Muryeong, who considered foreign relations as he imposed the central rule over regions. The king aggressively campaigned against military forces of Goguryeo and Gaya Kingdoms, which required broader local administration units to procure military manpower and financial resources. Gullyeong, the local administrators, were dispatched to the border regions of Baekje to achieve these military ends. In addition, Baekje seems to have learned systems and policies regarding local administration centered around gun from Yang China. Such international circumstances drove the replacement of a local ruling system based damno with the new administrative unit of gun. Gullyeong in Baekje were primarily military administrators, considering the reasons for their appointment and the places they were assigned. It is thought that gullyeong were dispatched to their jurisdictions with a seongju (administrator), and led the military activities of the area. Gullyeong, however, did not solely look after military operation, but also administration activities for achieving stable growth of the jurisdiction and balance for manpower drafting and collection. Such roles played by gun continue later into the history of Baekje Kingdom. Gun is the basic municipal administrative unit in the system of bang-gun-seong, and it can be understood in the above context.

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