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논문 상세정보

고령 고아동벽화고분의 성격과 대가야 지배층

The character of Goadong Mural Tomb in Goryeong and Daegaya ruling class

한국상고사학보 v.101 no.101 , 2018년, pp.125 - 158   http://dx.doi.org/10.18040/sgs.2018.101.125

Goadong Mural Tomb in Goryeong is a stone chamber tomb with a tunnel entrance adjacent to Jisandong Tumuli, the tombs of the highest level of the ruling class in Daegaya. Many studies have been conducted on Goadong Mural Tomb, but they concentrated too much on Yeonhwamun mural analysis that not enough research has been done in detail about the characteristics and genealogy of the stone chamber tomb, and the origin and personality of the buried. There is also a need to approach the purpose of intervention by the Daegaya ruling class or the relationship with the background for the emergence of Goadong Mural Tomb, and this study was conducted accordingly. The structure of Goadong Mural Tomb is similar to the tunnel-type stone chamber found in Gongju and Buyeo. It was assumed to have emerged in the mid-6th century, and probably built by Baekje people. The buried was discussed in relation to the location of Goadong Mural Tomb, the character of Jisandong Tumuli next to it, and the historical background at the time. One thing clear is that the buried of Goadong Mural Tomb is not from the highest ruling class around Jisandong Tumuli. It was assumed that there might have been political purposes of the ruling class of Daegaya in the background of Goadong Mural Tomb. There was also a possibility that this aspect might have appeared in the burial system, based on Daegaya’s unique Goryeong-style earthenware and gold earrings. In the end, while Daegaya made efforts to build a typical stone chamber tomb following the trend of neighboring countries including Baekje, no more progress was made due to the circumstances at the time when Daegaya was on the verge of ruin.

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