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논문 상세정보

아리스토텔레스에 있어서 ‘소통하는 시민’ 개념 – 대학의 시민 인성교육을 위한 연구

The Concept of ‘Communicating Citizen’ in Aristotle - Research for Citizen Education at Universities

서양고대사연구 no.52 , 2018년, pp.11 - 39   http://dx.doi.org/10.20975/jcskor.2018..52.11

This study is the first step of collaborative research to improve citizenship through communication education, and to find the best method of citizen education for university students. After examining the context of extensive social communication and educational issues in the history of ancient Greece, it aims to find the source of the concept of ‘communicating citizen’ in Aristotle’s ethics, political science, and rhetoric, in which Aristotle deals with the citizens and society.The clue to finding the solution to this problem in Aristotle comes from a phrase that defines man as a political animal, and at the same time defines him or her as the only animal with logos (reason, language). This passage is important because, when Aristotle says the difference separating humans from all the other animals is ‘logos,’ he describes Logos as not only the ability to ‘think and to discern’ but also the ability to ‘talk and communicate’.According to Aristotle's thought, a man does not think alone or speak alone, but grows up combining these two abilities while being educated in the home and society. Then, he lives not only thinking and discerning, but also participating in public affairs as a citizen by communicating with others in the country. It is a life to practice being a good citizen as a member of the community of Polis while pursuing personally to be a good person.And this is the image of ‘good man, good citizen’, which is the ideal goal of citizen education pursued by this research.

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