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논문 상세정보

외유내법의 전통적 가치 간 교차와 혼융의 실질을 찾아서: 대학 교양교육 심화를 위한 학습 프로그램으로의 모색

The Cross and Fusion of Traditional Values between Outer-virtue and inner-law: Searching Learning Program for Advancing Liberal-Art in College Curriculum

글로벌정치연구 v.9 no.2 , 2016년, pp.155 - 195  

The example of East Asia in Korea generally has been indicated East AsianCivilization centering on China, Korea and Japan. Because the first reason is usingchinese classic letters for succession of thinking and tradition in three countries.Futhermore it was a cliche that Confucianism had been provided universal valuesand norms in East Asia to whether East Asian value defines universal. On theother hand, western scholars doubts cause of static retrogression of East Asiancountries from confucian family solidarity, exclusion, patrimonial governmentcomparing with western rationality and legalism. But East Asia has been kept therationality through fusion of norms and institutions named outer-virtue andinner-law. This study is to introduce college liberal-art program to East Asianidentity and reality on behalf of rational Legalism with traditional Confucianism. Ihope that East Asian Values as a classic legalism and Confucianism substitute oldfashioned traditional bias for up-to-date fashioned rules in Korean intellectualtopographic map leaning too much toward western or American democratic values.

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