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논문 상세정보

아인슈타인의 종교관에 대한 사상적 배경과 그 영향에 대한 고찰

A Study on the Philosophical Background of Einstein’s Religious View and Its Impact

신학과 사회 v.32 no.4 , 2018년, pp.73 - 109  

The purpose of this study is to examine the philosophical background of Einstein’s (Albert Einstein, 1879~1955) religious view and its impact on his scientific thinking or scientific research. His influence on mankind as a natural scientist was such that the US magazine TIME named him among the most important people of the 20th century. To Koreans, from the young to the old, he is well-known as a world famous natural scientist.However, most people do not know that Einstein had a deep interest in religion and had a unique religious view of his own. He frequently mentions of “God,” “religion,” and “spirituality” in several letter correspondences with his acquaintences, interviews, and his writing. He had distinctive personal views of God and religion. To Einstein, religion should present cosmic mysteries and wonders and inspire his science research activities. Then in what religious view did the prominent science genious set his faith in? And what was Einstein’ definition of “God”? What is the ideological background of his religious view? Did his belief deeply inspire his scientific research and lead him to success in his activities? This study seeks to present answers to such questions.Therefore, this paper first looks at the thoughts and ideas that influenced Einstein’s religious view (cosmic religion). Then it will examine how such thoughts and ideas impacted his religious view. Third, the paper will address how his ideological background affected his views on other religious views (Christianity). And last, it will present a critical view on whether his cosmic view had a positive influence on his “scientific thinking and research” which was the main objective of his belief.

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