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논문 상세정보

모빌리티 인공지능에 대한 존재론적 고찰: 『인공지능의 존재론』에 기초하여

An Ontological Reflection on Mobility Artificial Intelligence: based on Ontology of Artificial Intelligence

과학철학 v.21 no.3 , 2018년, pp.155 - 190  

Through the innovation of mobility technology, the mobility of people, things and information is taking place at an unprecedented scale and speed on a global scale, transcending regions and countries. This trend will be accelerated in the future, especially due to the rapid development of mobility artificial intelligence as the core technology of this mobility advancement. In the midst of this upheaval, we need to reflect more carefully on artificial intelligence, while the most fundamental dimension of such reflection is ontology of artificial intelligence. One of the central problems of ontology of artificial intelligence dealing with the ontological status and nature of artificial intelligence is whether artificial intelligence can be recognized as a person. This paper will examine these issues with a clue of discussion in Ontology of Artificial Intelligence, a recently published book that covers related philosophical problems. Using the ontology borrowing from computer science, I try to envision an ontology of artificial intelligence by using phenomenological regional ontology as a research method. In this way, we can distinguish four regions of being; matter, life, mind, and sprit. The ‘life’ in the attributes of intelligence refers to the ontology of life, ‘intentionality’, ‘consciousness’, and ‘emotion’ is placed on the ontology of mind, and ‘personality’ and ‘autonomy’ is regarded as belonging to the ontology of sprit. This paper attempts to contribute to future discussions through the systematic ontology of these attributes, while retaining the final judgment of whether mobility artificial intelligence can be recognized as a personality by satisfying these attributes.

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