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논문 상세정보

통계적 텍스트 분석에 기반한 자기소개서의 분석

An Analysis of Self-introduction Texts based on Statistical Text Analysis

민족문화연구 no.81 , 2018년, pp.649 - 684   http://dx.doi.org/10.17948/kcs.2018..81.649
이도길, 김일환

The purpose of this study is to propose a new methodology for analyzing students' self-introduction texts using statistical text analysis methods and securing grounds for objective and quantitative evaluation of self-introduction texts. In order to utilize the statistical text analysis methodology, morphological analysis was performed on the entire self-introduction texts. Then, topic modeling results were derived from the results of morphological analysis. In case of topic modeling, in order to increase the reliability of the analysis results, we performed various experiments according to the number of topics for optimal topic classification. In addition, the experiment was performed by setting various feature variables for meaningful similarity analysis. It is possible to capture the degree of similarity according to the class of self-introduction by various features such as college, department, region, high school type, city, question, individual student, etc. Statistical text analysis methodology was applied to the actual self-introduction texts written by about 17 thousand students who applied for admission to A university in 2017. The findings through this study are generally consistent with our general perceptions. However, the results according to city, question, student show that they capture new facts that are difficult to predict in the qualitative evaluation of self-introduction texts. Therefore we can expect that the proposed method can contribute greatly to the evaluation of self-introduction texts in the future.

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