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논문 상세정보

매체의 발전과 독자의 확산- 7월왕정기 프랑스 대중소설을 중심으로

Media Development and the Diffusion of Written Words - Focusing on the French Popular Novel of the July Monarchy

유럽사회문화 no.21 , 2018년, pp.65 - 93  

The authors of the popular novel depicted French society under the July Monarchy and the Second Empire, where all dreams, desires, successes, and destructions were possible. In addition, the possibility of large-scale diffusion was proven through publication in periodicals like newspapers or magazines, which were new printed media at the time and were widely affordable. The publishing world, which had remained in the manual production system for a long time after Gutenberg developed the first mechanical moveable type printing press, finally reached complete mechanization and industrialization in the 1830s. This development and innovation of media led to the popularity of novels. Newly emerging media at the time helped with the spread of written words, and it also enabled authors to reach more readers and earn greater salaries. Furthermore, the popular novel appeared when readers began to exercise their influence over authors to create the stories they wanted to read for the first time in literary history. As the French public experienced for the first time that their dreams could be realized through written words and fictional stories – in particular, during the July Monarchy and the Second Empire – they were extremely excited about these texts traversing the boundary between imagination and reality. It is certain that the French popular novel, which was a medium for diffusing written words, had a crucial role in spreading written words widely in society.

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