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논문 상세정보

社會科學과 歷史學의 統合의 可能性: 言語論的 轉回, 아브덕션 및 老子의 道德經

A Possibility of Integrating Social Sciences and History: Focused on the Liguistic Turn, the Abduction and Lao-tzu’s Work 「Tao Te Ching」

한국행정사학지 no.44 , 2018년, pp.23 - 91   http://dx.doi.org/10.15856/jakpah.2018..44.23

This Paper first looks at the problems of induction and deduction, the two main methods of reasoning, from the point of view of research purposes. The objective of this study is to examine the possibility of integration between social science(organization theory) and history. Induction is a method of generalizing from a singular statement acquired observation to a universal statement. But ‘theory-ladenness’, one of the major problems of induction, has emerged as the ‘linguistic turn’ in history and social sciences since the 1980S. On the other hand, deduction is a method of analytical inference that results in a truth if the premisses of argument are true. Historical researchers tend to think of the former as a social scientist using the latter method. But pure induction or pure deduction is not practical in history or social science. Therefore, this study suggests that ‘abduction’ should explicitly be adopted. It is inference method invented by C.S.Peirce. This asks why if any facts or data are observed. And then create and explain a working hypothesis. It is also a verification process. Abduction is used to make a quality historical analysis or social analysis possible And finally we can form a theory. In this study, we acquired the powerful mechanisms, the ‘language-game’ and the ‘abduction’. We then examined whether the tools were applicable to the papers prepared by the researcher. Among them, the paper reviewed representatively is 『Towards a Theory of the Formation of Postmodernism Organizations and Lao-tzu’s Work 「Tao Te Ching」: Focused on the Critiques of Functionalism and Symbolic-Interpretativism.』 Consequently, the result is positive. The deconstruction of organization theory and the fallacy of morality and pragmatism in Chapter 18, 19 can be connected. It is also a link between the organization theory of the 21st century and the Oriental Classics of the 6th century B.C. In short, social science and history can be integrated.

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