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논문 상세정보

안민영 피란 시기 사설시조의 성격과 표현

An aspect of Expression and Characteristicsof Ahn, Min Yeong's Saseol-Sijo during Refuge

한민족어문학(구 영남어문학) no.82 , 2018년, pp.235 - 272   http://dx.doi.org/10.31821/HEM.82.9

In the present study, we will investigate the method of expression and characteristics of two pieces of Saseol-Sijo (『Geumokchongbu』 number 177 and 178) which Ahn, Min Yeong experienced potentially and sang to a great extent.ㅍ At first, we shall investigate the creation period of two works. Upon examination of the information contained in the contents of two works, at 51, he wrote the works after he had fled from French campaign against Korea and lived in Yeongkumri, Hongcheon with his family.Next, we shall look at the characteristics of the two works. Ahn, Min Yeong wrote the works to prove his identity to the listeners. These points are found in the contents of other works arranged with 『Geumokchongbu』 'eunpyeon', or the narrator's statement to the listeners showing the matter of calling the name in <177>.Lastly, we shall look at the aspect of expression in the two works. Ahn, Min Yeong quoted Chinese writers' idioms and lines of Chinese poetry and presented the expression of sijo, which was actively accepted at pleasure field at that time in <177>. Ahn, Min Yeong quoted Chinese writers' Chinese verse and Chinese idioms related to interest and affection. Ahn, Min Yeong made the listeners understand his identity by doing a re-enactment of the inner experience of oneself through this expression.Ahn, Min Yeong exerted ideal interest in the two works. This comes from aiming the upper class's conscious world as the middle class.

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