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논문 상세정보

제천 스포츠복합건물 화재 재난에서의 권역재난의료지원팀 활동 경험 고찰: 한계점과 구조의 중요성

Experience of a Disaster Medical Assistant Team activation in the fire disaster at Jecheon sports complex building: limitation and importance of rescue

대한응급의학회지 v.29 no.6 , 2018년, pp.585 - 594  
정승교, 김윤섭, 김오현, 이강현, 김관래, 정우진

Objective: This study was designed to report on the progress of the fire at Jecheon sports complex and to assess the adequacy of Disaster Medical Assistant Team (DMAT)’s activities in response to the fire disaster.Methods: We conducted a retrospective review based on camera recordings and medical records that were recorded at the disaster site for assessment of activities. We cooperated with firefighters, police officers, local hospital medical staffs and public health personnel in Jecheon in order to classify patients in the disaster field and to understand the patients’ progress.Results: At 15:53, the first request for emergency rescue came to the 119 general emergency call center, and a request for DMAT activation came at 16:28. DMAT arrived at the site at 17:04 and remained active until the following day at 00:43. The total number of casualties was 60, including 27 minimal (Green) patients, 29 expectant (Black) patients, three delayed (Yellow) patients, and one immediate (Red) patient. There were 32 patients who received on-site care by DMAT.Two patients were transferred from a local hospital to Wonju Severance Christian Hospital for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.Conclusion: Twenty-nine victims were found in the sports complex building, and there were 31 mildly to moderately injured patients in this fire disaster. The main cause of death was thought to be smoke suffocation. Although DMAT was activated relatively quickly, it was not able to provide effective activity due to the late rescue and difficulty with fire suppression.

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