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논문 상세정보

백제와 일본의 초기 기와를 통해 본 기와 제작양상 비교 연구

Comparative Study on the early roof-tile manufacturing patterns of Baekje and Japan

선사와 고대 no.58 , 2018년, pp.227 - 246   http://dx.doi.org/10.23024/pah.2018..58.227

There has been no lack of studies comparing the cultural histories between Baekje’s centre and Yamato District centering on Asukadera in relation to Baekje’s dispatch of roof tile artisans. Japan’s roof tile manufacturing technique is thus closely related to that of Baekje, and comparative studies between the two are continuously carried out to date. What has largely escaped researchers’ attention, however, is that early Japanese roof tiles are found not only in Yamato District, but also in Kyushu around the same time. Whereas there are studies at local level on early Japanese roof tiles found in Kyushu, comparative research covering Baekje, Yamato District, and Kyushu is practically only beginning.On the basis of these facts, this article aims to shed light on the background of the introduction and manufacture of the early Japanese roof tiles found in Yamato District and Kyushu based on Baekje’s early roof tile patterns. The roof tiles used for building Asukadera, which can be considered the center of Yamato District, are similar in many ways to those of Sabi Baekje, as a result of direct transmission of technology. But the first roof tiles found in Northern Kyushu were made by using the pottery technique, which is a different form from the previous one. This technique in turn is similar to that used for making roof tiles that first appeared in Pungnap Fortress of Hanseong Baekje. Furthermore, the roof tiles first manufactured in Kyushu are mostly found in the migrants’ settlements and production facilities, from which their manufacturers can be inferred.There may be different explanations for the reasons for the appearance of early Japanese roof tiles showing different patterns at roughly the same time, but this article attributes them to either direct transmission of technology by the roof tile artisans dispatched from Baekje or technique imitated by the migrants from Baekje when building their settlements.

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