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논문 상세정보

현대 심리전 양상과 미래 심리전 발전방안

A Study on the Appearance of the Modern Psychological Warfare and the Ideas for the Development of Future Psychological Warfare

군사연구 no.146 , 2018년, pp.285 - 310  
임현명, 황현정, 김용주

Psychological warfare has been regarded as one of the main factors in achieving victory in war. Republic of Korea military has been recognized the importance of psychological warfare and since 1951 has been running psychological warfare organization since 1951. Not only in the military but also in the private sectors, many researchers have been conducting various psychological warfare researches, too. However, the existing psychological warfare approach has limited the subject of the psychological war to a specific country, and conducted the researches focused on past case analysis. As a result, the existing approach has been limited the development of future psychological development on an international level. The purpose of this study is to analyze the aspects of modern psychology, to elucidate the factors that may influence future psychological warfare, and to suggest ways of developing future psychological warfare not limited to the specific country. For this purpose, this study firstly has a general understanding of psychological warfare by summarizing the concepts, characteristics, and measures. Since then, by analyzing the characteristics of the psychological warfare used in the modern war that includes the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Afghan War, and the ISIL, the aspect of the modern psychological warfare is derived. Furthermore, based on the five factors that can affect the future psychological warfare (change of war pattern, development of advanced information and communication technology, development of weapons system, proliferation of democracy, deepening of ethnic, religious and cultural conflict), ideas for the development of future psychological warfare will be suggest. This discussion will serve as a basis for reviewing the function and role of the psychological warfare for the national security from a futuristic perspective and establishing a long-term strategy to carry it out more effectively.

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