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논문 상세정보

Two Treasure Boxes in 20th Century Gifted Education

Two Treasure Boxes in 20th Century Gifted Education

특수·영재교육저널 v.1 no.1 , 2014년, pp.1 - 13  

This paper will deal with two treasure boxes researchers have found during the last century. The Two Treasure Boxes includes the definition of gifts, giftedness, talents and the characteristics of the gifted and the talented. They are related to gifted children's achievements and the direction for future gifted education. Defining giftedness is both an important and a complicated matter. Therefore, there is no one definition of “gifts”, “giftedness”, “talented” that is universally accepted (Davis & Rimm, 1994). Studies of Cox (1926) have tended to set very high standards in defining giftedness. In 1978 and 1988, the U.S. Congress revised Marland’s definition. Renzulli (1986) proposed that gifted behavior reflects an interaction among three basic clusters of human traits. F. Gagne (1991) proposed that gifted persons are those who are distinctly above average in intelligence, creative, socio-emotional, sensory-motor and other general abilities. Gardner (1983) described seven separate and independent intellectual domains. In our view, the definition of giftedness might encounter new aspects in the coming century because the research scope is becoming broader. Gifted children differ from each other in many areas. They also differ in their patterns of educational needs (Davis & Rimm, 1994). We can subdivide the characteristics of gifted children into three parts: intellectual, creative and affective characteristic. In our view, the identification of characteristics of the gifted and talented is a tremendous academic accomplishment for the last century. There are still a lot of issues for us to resolve in the future. One of them is pertaining to the definition of giftedness and talents. This is one of the most important questions in the field of gifted education. During the last century, the Korean Academic Society for the Gifted did not make any accomplishments. Though the education of the gifted was instituted in the 1960s, gifted education in Korea has remained in the premature stage for the last thirty years. Accordingly I expect there will be notable development in education for the gifted in Korea.

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