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논문 상세정보

국제화 전략과 자회사의 사회적 책임활동의 관계

Internationalization Strategy and Foreign Subsidiaries’ Social Responsibility Activities

경영연구 v.34 no.1 , 2019년, pp.31 - 53  

This study is to identify the relationship between internationalization strategy and social responsibility activities of foreign subsidiaries. The survey data of Korean subsidiaries in Asian markets was collected and conducted cluster and discriminant analysis for hypothesis test using SPSS 18.0. The key findings are as follows. First, there exist significant differences in the social responsibility activities of subsidiaries according to the motivation of foreign market entry. The subsidiaries of multinational corporations which pursue the overseas market expansion engaged more actively in social responsibility activities rather than those which are motivated for cost reduction and operational efficiency. It revealed significantly in strategic CSR, but not in responsive CSR. Second, there are also substantial differences in the social responsibility activities of subsidiaries according to the types of global operation strategy such as global, transnational, and multi-domestic. In transnational and multi-domestic operation strategy, responsive and strategic social responsibility activities are more active than in global integration strategy. Third, subsidiaries’ social responsibility also shows significantly different in internationalization strategic mix between foreign market entry motivation and global operation. This result means that subsidiaries’ social responsibility activities rely on international organization strategy. This study provides the practical insights that Korean foreign subsidiaries consider the internationalization strategy when they make key decisions about local social responsibility activities. It means that subsidiaries’ CSR activities would depend on strategic intents in market entry motivation and global operation.

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