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논문 상세정보

전복양식 활동과 저서성 유공충군집의 부영양화 현상 (완도군 보길도

Abalone farm activities and eutrophication of benthic foraminiferal assemblage (Bogildo, Wandogun)

The Korean Journal of Malacology v.35 no.1 , 2019년, pp.45 - 57  
정다운, 위대환, 최양호, 이연규

Geochemical as well as trace metal and benthic foraminiferal analyses of surface sediment conducted in an abalone farm to understand the degree to which the farm facilities installed along the channel sea affect the benthic environment and ecology. Surface sediment composed of a fine-grained mud sediments, had a total organic carbon and total nitrogen content of average 1.34% and 0.12%, respectively, which were lower value than the surrounding area. Dissolved oxygen with average 5.06 mg/L and ratio of carbon to sulfur with average 5.28 shown a good condition in the degree of oxygen saturation within sediment. In benthic foraminiferal assemblages, Pseudoparrella naraensis-Eggerella advena-Cicides lobatulus assemblage with very low abundant frequency and E. advena which are indicate a bed habitat condition and eutrophication, respectively, is broadly appeared in the centre area with many abalone farm facilities. These may be not related to the geochemical data of surface sediment but the distribution in the centre area of planktonic foraminifera with low abundant frequency indicating the very slow flow of seawater. Therefore, a bed habitat condition and eutrophication appeared in abalone farm between Bogildo and Soando may be caused by the very slow flow of seawater formed by many abalone farm facilities.

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