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논문 상세정보

울산항 항만하역근로자의 안전교육 강화를 위한 관리체계 개선 연구

A Study on Improvement of Management System for Strengthening the Safety Education of Port Workers for Ulsan Port

수산해양교육연구 v.31 no.3 , 2019년, pp.765 - 775   http://dx.doi.org/10.13000/JFMSE.2019.
이진우, 이창희

The Korean economy has grown considerably in appearance, but many workers are still killed or injured every year by industrial accidents. Especially, the port industry shows a higher accident rate compared to other industries, so it is urgent to prepare measures to lower the accident rate of the port industry. The objective of this research is to propose a method for improvement of the safety of port workers in Ulsan Port. To do this, the analysis has been made of characteristics of the port in Korea as well as of accident status at Ulsan port. Moreover, the problems of the current port worker training have been identified by conducting surveys on port workers. To improve the safety of port workers, cooperation among government, terminal companies, port companies, labour union and workers is necessary. In addition, it is needed to develop the curriculum considering the characteristics of the port and to support the education cost. Furthermore, consideration of the incentives to encourage employees to participate in the training programs voluntarily is required.

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