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논문 상세정보

朝鮮版 󰡔藏園詩鈔󰡕에 관한 硏究

A Study on the Jangwonsicho Published in Joseon Dynasty

서지학연구 no.78 , 2019년, pp.49 - 68   http://dx.doi.org/10.17258/jib.2019..78.49

This study analyzes on the Jangwonsicho Published in Joseon Dynasty. The major findings are as follows: (1) The pen-name of Yu Ji Gae, the author of the Jangwonsicho(藏園詩鈔), is Jangwon. As the one who was devoted to promoting peace with love for Joseon, he wrote Jangwonsicho(藏園詩鈔) and Yeongpyeonghyeonji(永平縣志). (2) Byeon Won Gyu, the editor and publisher of the first edition of the Jangwonsicho, was the interpreter of the Joseon Dynasty who was born in 1837 and died in 1896. He wrote two books, Gilunseongwanjip(吉雲仙館集) and Gilunyugo(吉雲遺稿), but they have not been handed down to the present time. (3) The literature searches found that the literary works of Byeon Won Gyu that have been passed down until today include the poetry of 46 poems on 36 titles and prose of 2 chapters on 2 titles. The works related to Byeon Won Gyu written by other writers contain the poetry of 15 poems on 10 titles and prose of 3 chapters on 3 titles. (4) The editions of the Jangwonsicho include those of Joseon Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, with the former first published in Joseon in 1883 by Byeon Won Gyu, and with the latter published as woodblock printing in Qing in 1886 and 1899, respectively, by Yu Ji Gae based on the edition of Joseon Dynasty. (5) In the Joseon edition of the Jangwonsicho published in 1883 were included the total 269 poems on 185 titles; in the Qing edition of the same book issued in 1886 were included the total 306 poems on 202 titles; and in another Qing edition of 1899 were included the total 256 poems on 163 titles. The ‘Archaism and Recent Style Poetry (古今體詩)’ contained in each edition was compiled chronologically based on the period they were written. (6) The poetry included only in the Joseon edition of Jangwonsicho are 21 poems on 16 titles. Especially the poetry about Joseon and its people include 26 poems on 17 titles in the Joseon edition, while 28 poems on 18 titles and 18 poems 12 titles are included in the Qing editions, respectively. This indicates that the woodblock-printed versions of the Jangwonsicho of the Qing editions were made through revision of addition or reduction with the Joseon edition as its original. (7) The Joseon edition of the Jangwonsicho is considered the material to help understand interchanges and negotiations of the print & publication culture between Joseon and Qing dynasties in the late 19th century.

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