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논문 상세정보

김기림 문학에서의 근대 표상 재고 - ‘대건축’과 ‘대양(大洋)’의 기표를 중심으로

Reconsideration of modern representation in the literature of Kim Gi-rim

어문연구 v.100 , 2019년, pp.317 - 344   http://dx.doi.org/10.17297/rsll.2019.100..012

The purpose of this paper is to explain the meaning of ‘architecture’ used as a metaphor in the poetry of Kim Gi-rim, and to see how it is applied in the poetry. Kim Gi-rim insisted that Asians should do a great architecture while pursuing novelty, away from their narrow-minded and lackadaisical thoughts and conventionality in his poetry. The attitude of Kim Gi-rim, who does not stay in the present but moves forward pursuing novelty, is very similar to the consciousness process which selects imagism as a new value and moves forward to ‘entire poetics’, getting away from sentimental and romanticism of the time. The novelty Kim Gi-rim pursues does not mean the exclusion of the old one. It is to develop as a higher and larger form of organization through the process of confrontation, resistance and unification that can be harmonized by accepting positive parts of both sides while alerting the extremes. The result of this dialectical thinking might be the ‘architecture’ that Kim Gi-rim has declared. Kim Gi-rim realized his architecture in the Psalms. The sea of reality in the 「Shipwrecked(破船)」 was a place that was filled with grief with its silly and calm mood, but it changed into a sea of dynamic energy that drives out the ‘darkness’ by the ‘typhoon’ occurred in 『Weather Chart(氣象圖)』. This change was never a coincidence. ‘Architecture’ is based upon an active subject, a maker with a purpose. Kim Gi-rim has been imagining and calling the energetic ‘Pacific Ocean’ near the equator since the early 30s with a clear purpose to change the sea of reality where he is located. The sea of aspiration that appears in 「Let’s go to the sea, dreaming pearl(眞珠)」 and 「Family(家族) of Swallow」 can be guessed as the ‘Pacific Ocean’. Just as actual typhoons emit energy accumulated in the tropics while dissipating it, ‘typhoon’ occurred in the ‘Pacific Ocean’ brings dynamic energy of ‘Pacific Ocean’ to the sea of reality. Kim Gi-rim has built a ‘large building’ of the ‘Pacific Ocean’ to create the newly leaped reality after looking at the reality that he was in and thinking about his role in it. The significance of this paper is to reconsider the existing evaluation in which poetic subject of Kim Gi-rim recognizes the reality as superficial and schematic one. Kim Gi-rim was a poet who was active in changing the world while worrying and conflicting with the reality that he faced more than anyone.

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